Charlotte Friedman


Born in The Hague a daughter of Dutch parents, raised abroad. Moved house about 20 times to various Third World Countries where her father worked in International Emergency Aid, resulting in her attending boarding school and obtaining a Higher General Secondary Education according to the British System, the base for her further career development.


Charlotte’s extraordinary talent for language comes to expression at an early age. A bilingual, nomadic upbringing bears its fruit early. Language is much more than just structure in grammar and vocabulary, the nuances and the essence of a language are hidden in the culture, history and traditions of an area. Charlotte’s unusual childhood and early years are permeated by the most diverse cultures, customs and traditions. This gave Charlotte her basic understanding of the nuances of language but is also at the root of her art.


in 1985 she came back to her country of origin, the Netherlands, Charlotte developed her career in the business sector working in various management positions from marketing, sales to procurement. One of Charlotte’s favourite fields is logistics, particularly the different descriptions of all the processes, from information to goods through to finance and the movement of dangerous goods. Every company has its own culture, ideas and challenges within their own supply chain management.


Charlotte’s inherent desire to share her knowledge with others leads her to express another aspect of herself, namely teaching. This is the beginning of a symbiotic relationship between her knowledge of the English language and her love for teaching and education.


1992 sees a switch to the knowledge sector where she works for a non-profit organisation in hydraulic engineering and water management. Once again, her preference for organization policy, language and knowledge comes to the fore. In addition to a full time position, she decides to spend a couple of hours a week working in secondary education.


A very hectic period that yields a lot of satisfaction. Still, there are other aspects of her multi-faceted character that are calling. A lack of time is the largest stumbling block for expressing her artistic talents. Charlotte has a fever for art and her talent takes her from silk painting to the design and execution of stain-glass doors, music and she is always up for something new to learn and try.

When Charlotte tried glass as a medium of expression, she knew that she had found her passion. In 2006, after being accepted at the glass department at the IKA in Belgium, she did whatever she had to in order to start another long-time wish: study art. In 2013 Charlotte completed an art degree in which she studied the art, craft and design of glass. As has always been her wish, she now has one foot firmly in the art sector.


In seeking a balance between the various aspects of her personality, TT&T proved to be the answer to Charlotte’s personal question:” How do I best bring all my talents to expression so that I can live my life to the max?” Though it might not be obvious how the different business activities of T&T link together, for Charlotte is has grown and developed into a business that reflects the interests of its owner.


TT&T now offers translation, unique glass art, whether for the boardroom or a special gift for an employee or business contacts. TT&T still offers training in business language but has expanded into team-building workshops in glass as well as an online shop where Charlotte’s clients in the technical business world, the knowledge sector, the pharmaceutical sector and the art community are able to purchase specialty compounds for various purposes. The birth of a new community ……


Who is a good sparring partner and does not need things spelled out. Whether a colleague from the business sector, the knowledge sector or a lover of culture needing prose, all will find Charlotte an ‘extremely balanced and reliable’ business partner.