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TT&T prefers a clear and uncomplicated way of doing business. Our ‘loyal’ clients agree with us that this method is based on mutual trust and respect which is, in our opinion, an important aspect of ‘good business practices’.

Phase 1: Quotation

 After telephonic consultation the document is supplied by email, fax or post.

TT&T usually calculates a quotation as follows:

  • Translations: agreed price per translated word (*time pressure)
  • Editorial activities:         agreed hourly tariff


As soon as the client and TT&T have reached an agreement with regard to price and deadline, we move on to:


Phase 2:  Execution


  • Document is translated by a native speaker and proof read by a second native speaker.
  • Draft translation is sent to the client, who has the opportunity to read the text and supply corrections and specific comments with regard to preferential terminology**.
  • If necessary, the document is returned to TT&T and final corrections are executed.
  • The final document is supplied in the original layout, within the agreed time frame.


Phase 3: Invoicing


  • All prices are excluding VAT.
  • All prices are in Euro
  • Payment: within 15 days after date of invoice.


*Time pressure: Extra charges for rush jobs.


** Experience has taught us that companies and organisations usually have their own preferred technical jargon. Naturally, they would like to see this jargon used in their own technical or business documentation. For this purpose, we build up an extensive database of preferential jargon used by your organisation. This enables us to supply you with a document that meets your expectations not only with regard to language, but also because we are familiar with the subject matter and we strive to be aware of preferential jargon.